Ultrasonic flow measurement

by donpedro

The solution for many areas of use

KOBOLD Messring GmbH has developed the new innovative series of devices, DUK, for measuring the flow of low-viscosity liquids. These devices work according to the principle of supersonic run-time measurement and not only measure and monitor but also count and dose.

The 6 different connecting sizes, ½ to 3-inch as G or NPT threads, are particularly practice-orientated. The flow measuring ranges of 0.08-20l/min to 2.5-630 l/min, with which nearly any measuring task can be performed, result from this.
The enormous measuring range margin of 1:250 for any measuring range provides the greatest possible flexibility and has an enormous advantage over other measuring systems. Alongside the standard brass model, there is also a resistant variation made of stainless steel for measuring aggressive media.

The extremely low loss of pressure, triggered by measuring with the DUK and the capability for an individually adaptable flow direction enable the use also for expansive piping dimensions. Process conditions of up to 16 bar and 90°C can easily be coped with by the ultrasonic flow meter and it can thus be used universally in the industry.

For practical electronic data processing, the devices can be equipped with switching, frequency or analogue output. Apart from that, there is the selection of well thought-out compact electronics including a digital display and a switching or analogue output. The series is rounded off by optionally available, elegant dosing and metering electronics. The metering electronics simultaneously display the current flow quantity as well as the partial or total quantity. Dosing electronics control the filling tasks in a straightforward manner and also measure the flow, total and filling quantities. The analogue output and two relay outputs can be used for processing the signals.
Through this variety of electrical valuation options, there is the desired variation from the cost-favourable to the highly convenient solution available for anyone. With the new ultrasonic flowmeter DUK, KOBOLD Messring GmbH has developed an all-round talent which captivates with its high level of quality, enormous flexibility and the very broad measuring range.

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