Ultra-thin 15-position HD D-sub jack from SUYIN for through-hole reflow (THR) pin-in-paste (PiP) processing

by donpedro

The pin-and-paste (PiP) process has found widespread use for mounting through-hole technology (THT) components using reflow soldering processes originally designed for surface-mount technology (SMT). PiP makes it possible to process both of these mounting technologies simultaneously using the same process equipment. The need for an additional wave-soldering process can be eliminated completely, which saves both time and money.
By modifying the housing, SUYIN has made this 15-pin, right-angle, high-density (HD) D-sub connector from its 070449XR015 series – which was originally only suitable for THT processing – THR compatible. This is a very low-profile HD D-sub receptacle with the dimensions 9.8 x 30.8 x 12.5 (L x W x H in mm). The jack contacts, which feature gold-over-nickel plating, are configured for a max. load of 250 V/2.5 A and 5,000 mating cycles; the insulation resistance is specified at 1,000 MΩ and the operating temperature range at –40 °C to +105 °C. Guide pins and snap-in forks help ensure reliable placement and a sturdier hold on the board. With the aid of the two UNC 4-40 threaded bolts mounted on the sides, the jack can be connected to an HD D-sub plug in a way that resists vibrations and mechanical shock. The housing for these jacks, which are also available in halogen-free versions, are available in the colors blue and black. The jacks can be supplied in tubes or in tape & reel packaging. Depending on the volume of the order/project – beginning at about 100k pieces – SUYIN can make such modifications to nearly any of its existing connector products.

SUYIN Corporation

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