u-blox celebrates half a billion GNSS receivers sold

by donpedro

u-blox, a global supplier of leading positioning and wireless communication technologies, is pleased to announce that it recently sold its 500 millionth global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver. As the only technology capable of delivering absolute position anywhere on the planet, GNSS-based positioning has found its way into a wide range of consumer, industrial, and automotive applications, allowing connected devices to efficiently qualify the origin of transmitted data with accurate time and position information.

u-blox’s portfolio of GNSS receivers targets a broad range of established and emerging applications and use cases. Standard meter-level GNSS receivers, which are the dominant solution today, continue to become smaller, lower cost, and more power efficient. Meanwhile, the market for high-precision GNSS receivers for automotive and consumer applications is increasing rapidly. Additionally, we’re seeing the first automotive applications requiring functional safety for highly automated driving.

“It’s been thrilling to watch GNSS technology evolve over these past two decades from an expensive niche technology to one we use every day,” says u‑blox CEO Thomas Seiler. “We’re excited to see how our GNSS technology will continue to empower our customers to develop innovative solutions for our connected future. Thank you to everyone at u-blox, to our many customers, and our investors for their trust and accompanying us along this unrelenting journey.”


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