TTI Europe is now stocking space-saving TVS diodes with excellent voltage clamping capability from Vishay

AEC-Q101 qualified devices deliver 600W peak pulse power and operating temperatures to +185°C

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TTI IP&E – Europe, a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, introduces a new series of leadless surface-mount PAR® uni- and bi-directional transient voltage suppressors (TVS) from Vishay. The T6NxCA series offers the high-temperature stability and high-reliability requirements needed in automotive environments, as well as other consumer, medical, industrial and telecom applications.

Vishay’s automotive-grade T6NxCA SMD TVS diodes offer high-temperature stability and high reliability in a low-profile package

The AEC-Q101 and Automotive Grade qualified TVS diodes are housed in a compact DFN3820A package with a typical low profile of 0.88mm, superseding the traditional, footprint-compatible DO-220AA package and feature side-wettable flanks for automatic optical inspection (AOI). These devices range from T6N12CA through to T6N100CA with stand-off voltages from 10.2V to 100V. They offer a peak pulse power capability of 600W at 10/1000μs and provide low leakage current down to 1μA from 16.7V to 137V and high temperature operation to +185°C. This excellent clamping capability enables their use in sensitive electronics, protecting against voltage transients induced by inductive load switching and lightning on ICs, MOSFETs, and signal lines of sensor units for automotive applications, such as infotainment systems.

As Markus Walz, Business Development Manager, Discretes TTI – Europe, explains: “The high-level performance and high reliability of infotainment systems are now becoming more critical as they effectively control everything – from opening windows to customizing the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) system. Vishay’s high-quality T6NxCA series of TVS diodes feature the excellent clamping capability needed for the sensitive electronics in these systems.

In addition to technical support, TTI can provide engineers with product samples for design and prototyping. The company’s local and regional logistics support program also supports all required inventory levels through to production. For more information about the automotive-grade T6NxCA SMD TVS diodes from Vishay, please visit: T6NxCA PAR Transient Voltage Suppressors | TTI Europe

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