TE Connectivity launches new series of power line filters to comply with strict medical standards

by donpedro

TE Connectivity (TE) is pleased to announce the launch of the Corcom HZ Series of power line filters. With current ratings ranging from 3A up to 30A and with low leakage current, the series complies with strict medical industry standards. The 30A version is TE Connectivity’s highest amperage of power line filters approved for medical applications. Corcom HZ Series filters offer solid attenuation from 10kHz to 30MHz and provide strong differential mode performance to effectively suppress line-to-line interference. The performance related to the small footprint of the devices – which is approximately 40% smaller than most of competitive power line filters – is unique. The small size of the filters increases the available space on the panel or box.

The Corcom HZ Series filters feature touch-proof terminals which reduce the risk of an accidental electric shock. Insulated mating terminal required for style 1 versions; style 6 versions require an insulating boot.
The filters are suitable for medical applications such as ultrasound, patient monitoring and surgical, therapeutic and interventional procedures. These power line filters can also be used in industrial applications with ground fault interrupters.
UL recognized, CSA certified and VDE approved, HZ Series filters offer a maximum rated voltage of 250V AC. Maximum leakage current each line to ground is 2μA at 120V AC 60Hz and 5μA at 250V AC 50Hz. Hipot rating (one minute) is 2250V DC (line to ground) and 1450V DC (line to line). Operating frequency is 50/60HZ. The devices have been designed for an operating temperature range from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius.

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