Single Contacts for High-Current Applications

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ODU offers a wide range of single contacts based on the ODU Springtac™ and ODU-Lamella™ design. The Springwire contact has been the industry standard for critical applications in medical electronics, industrial power systems, military applications, transportation, and many other fields.

ODU manufactures all three types of contact:
The slotted contact is used extensively in all standard connector designs. It is less expensive to manufacture and offers relatively good performance in contact resistnace and current load. It is limited in the number of mating cycles and contact force.
Slotted contacts in their simplest form have one slot with two contact points between socket and pin. Sockets with two slots have four contacts points.

ODU Lamella socket (round) connected with standard pin
The lamella contact has important advantages over the slotted contacts. For example, insertion and withdrawal forces are less, contact resistance is less, number of mating cycles is about ten times higher, and contact reliability is better. With the use of contact lubricants further improvement are possible.

The ODU Lamella contact has contact lubricant applied by the factory.

Special features of the ODU Springwire contact:

The springwire contact has all the advantages of the lamella contact in addition to:

• Extreme contact reliability due to:
– Independent springwires
– Long spring path of the springwires compensates for higher alignment tolerances, especially important in springwire pins for test leads
• Very high number of mating cycles when designed with optimum normal force and high quality surface finish. No contact lubricant is needed
• Low mating & demating
• High current load carrying capacity

The single contacts are used manly for:

• Power Supplies

– mainframe computers
– lighting systems
– data transmision systems
– rack-and-panel cabinets
– welding

• Power Distribution
– automotive
– entertainment industry
– industrial electronics
• Docking systems
• Industrial (Heavy Duty) Connections
• Grounding
• Medical cables
• Medical connectors

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