Silicon Labs oscillators minimize jitter and cost in embedded computing systems

by donpedro

Silicon Laboratories Inc. introduced a family of crystal oscillators (XOs) and voltage-controlled XOs (VCXOs) designed to minimize jitter, system cost and design complexity for a wide range of high-performance, cost-sensitive applications up to 250 MHz. The new Si51x XO/VCXO family provides best-in-class frequency flexibility for networking, communications, storage, server, embedded computing and broadcast video systems and also targets FPGA, serializer/deserializer (SerDes) and multi-rate clocking applications. The latest addition to Silicon Labs’ portfolio of frequency-flexible crystal oscillators, the Si51x family includes the industry’s first I2C-programmable, low-jitter XOs and the first dual-frequency XO/VCXOs in space-saving 3.2 mm x 5 mm packages. The Si51x family offers drop-in compatibility with fixed-frequency XOs and surface acoustic wave (SAW) oscillators while providing superior frequency flexibility and power supply noise rejection. Featuring 0.8 picosecond (ps) rms jitter across the entire frequency range, the Si51x XO/VCXOs provide up to 2.5X lower jitter than traditional factory-programmable oscillators. The Si51x XO/VCXOs feature Silicon Labs’ patented DSPLL® technology to generate any frequency from 100 kHz to 250 MHz with 26 parts per trillion frequency programming resolution.

Silicon Laboratories Inc.

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