Silicon Laboratories introduces the Si2167 multimedia TV demodulator

by donpedro

Silicon Laboratories Inc. introduced the industry’s first digital TV demodulator that combines satellite, terrestrial and cable digital-video broadcast (DVB) functions in one highly integrated device.
The Si2167 multimedia TV demodulator provides the smallest single-chip, multi-standard demodulation solution, simplifying the design of integrated digital TVs (iDTV), set-top boxes (STB), personal video recorders (PVR), network interface modules (NIM), PCTV accessories, and professional video DVB receivers.
Today’s iDTV and STB makers rely on multiple demodulators to enable satellite (DVB-S/S2), terrestrial (DVB-T) and cable (DVB-C) reception in a single system. This approach adds cost and complexity to the system design. By supporting DVB-T/C/S/S2 in a single device, the Si2167 eliminates the need for multiple demodulators and greatly simplifies both hardware and software design.

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