ROHM Semiconductor’s RLD90QZWx 905nm Invisible Pulsed Laser Diodes, Now at Mouser, Support Spatial Recognition for Industrial and Consumer Application

by gabi

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest electronic components and industrial automation products, is now stocking the RLD90QZWx 905nm invisible pulsed laser diodes from ROHM Semiconductor. Featuring narrow emission width and high energy conversion efficiency, the RLD90QZWx diodes deliver exceptional detection distance and sensing accuracy for laser range finders, automatic guided vehicles, and security applications.

The ROHM Semiconductor RLD90QZWx invisible pulsed laser diodes, now available at Mouser, come in an industry-standard Φ5.6 package and feature a unique structure that reduces wavelength fluctuations. The RLD90QZW8 diode, part of the RLD90QZWx series, is a 120W infrared high-output laser diode developed specifically for LiDAR used in distance measurement and spatial recognition in 3D time-of-flight systems. The diode offers high power-to-light conversion efficiency, supporting low power consumption through more efficient optical output. The RLD90QZWx invisible pulsed laser diodes support a range of consumer and industrial applications, including robot vacuums, service robots, and 3D monitoring systems.

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