Renesas Electronics Europe: Second European MCU Car Rally Competition for Students Speeds into the Home Stretch at embedded world 2016

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REN0618_Renesas_European_MCU_Car_RallyRenesas Electronics Europe, a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced that the final of its MCU Car Rally competition for university students will take place at Embedded World 2016, to be held 23-25 February in Nuremberg, Germany. Teams from universities and technical colleges all over Europe were invited to participate in the competition, which involves developing a functioning model racing car based on electronic components and software from Renesas.

Twenty-five teams comprising almost 120 students have been working on their designs for a full semester in preparation for this year’s race. Prizes include iPhones, iPads and cash vouchers.

The competition gives final-year engineering students a great opportunity to develop a real-world “product” using state-of the-art solutions from Renesas, including the popular RX 32-bit microcontroller. The 25 teams include students from universities in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, France, England, Turkey, Wales and other countries, with some being represented by more than one team. In terms of technical support and coordination for the MCU Car Rally competition, Renesas has been assisted by its UK-based Platinum Alliance Partner, AND Technology Research.

For many participating teams, the Renesas MCU Car Rally event has become a highlight in their year. The institutions consider the students’ work on the Renesas rally cars as bona fide coursework, where professors award the students points for the completed project that count towards their degree.

Renesas Electronics Europe is a Platinum Sponsor of the Embedded World Student Day, held on the last day of the show and attracting over 1000 students every year. The company will hold practice runs, heats and finals for the competition on the Student Day – an exciting highlight in its show presence and a veritable magnet for visitors and spectators.

Students love a challenge – and the MCU Car Rally competition will help them develop their mechatronics knowledge and programming skills while working as a team,” says Andy Harding, Director, Industrial & Communications Business Unit at Renesas Electronics Europe. “It also gives us the opportunity to meet some of tomorrow’s top engineering talent in Europe. The competition is great fun too, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

The 2nd European MCU Car Rally competition for students at Embedded World 2016 will be held on 25th February 2016 in the Foyer (at Entrance Mitte) just in front of Hall 1.

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