Pinpoint detection with the HG-F laser distance sensor from Panasonic Industry

Up to 3 meters of detection range, a robust aluminum casing and easy setup are just the some of the features of the new HG-F laser distance sensor

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Panasonic Industry presents the new laser distance sensor HG-F, that can detect reliably at distances of up to 3m using ToF (Time of Flight) technology. This means that the sensor can also be installed at some distance from the object to be measured so that employees or the movement radius of cobots or robot arms can operate freely.

The long range of the HG-F also ensures freedom of design: installation at a distance also enables the measurement of large workpieces or products of different heights on a line.

As a laser sensor, the HG-F uses ToF technology and falls into laser class 1. The advantage of this laser class is on the one hand that no special protective devices are necessary. On the other hand, the visible laser beam allows the measuring position to be recognised at first glance, which is helpful when setting up the sensor. In addition, the HG-F has a special installation mode that makes commissioning particularly easy by amplifying the light intensity.

Another advantage of laser measurement is the fact that the laser beam has a narrow passage to the workpiece. This makes the HG-F ideal for applications where there is little space available for optical measurement.

Compact and robust sensing solution

The HG-F was designed in a compact, lightweight and high-strength aluminum diecast case, that only measures 20 x 44 x 25 mm. So, it is suited for operation in demanding environments with limited space. And due to the fact, that the beam spot is smaller compared to conventional adjustable range distance sensors, the HG-F sensor can be installed for detection through a narrow gap in the machine.

Another feature for an easy installation process is the digital display on the sensor. Alongside the three buttons, the desired measuring distance can be numerically set on the sensor, and the display provides immediate feedback of the desired clearance.

To learn more about the HG-F1 sensor, please visit Measurement sensors | Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH

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