Panasonic Industry Europe displays a wide range of leading solutions for the gas-meter market at the European Utility Week in Paris

by donpedro

Panasonic Industry Europe announced its technology line-up for the European Utility week, that takes place from November 12th – 14th in Paris, France. At the stand G72 we will showcase industry-leading innovations especially for the smart-meter market as well as highly reliable batteries.

Panasonic smart-meters utilize our own components like batteries, PhotoMOS relays, connectors, NFC (Near Field Communication) components and an array of sensors that detect or measure flow, temperature, pressure and vibration.

Panasonic seismic sensors within the smart gas-meter provides safety during earthquakes as they can measures the gas usage and shuts off gas transmission when an earthquake is detected. Furthermore pressure sensors can detect any gas flow abnormalities like gas leakage. This makes our smart-meters the perfect application in harsh environments.

With this exhibition, Panasonic Industry wants to exemplify its technological heritage, and show our know-how in the smart-meter IoT market.

The Panasonic IoT Service Platform provides customers with advanced monitoring and support. With over 30 years of experience in the smart-meter market and over 100 million PCB (Printed Circuit Board) controllers sold, Panasonic has proven that we are a reliable partner with high-quality products.

“With this pioneer experience Panasonic is a partner for long term collaborations” states Teva Laou-Hap, Head of New Business Development

Environment & Residential Department.

Panasonic Industry Europe

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