Optimized Tests on Test Benches With New Execution Platform

by gabi

The VN8917 base unit with piggybacks Image rights: Vector Informatik GmbH

Vector introduces the real-time execution platform VN8917. The platform, which consists of a high-performance base device and various interface plug-in modules, optimizes tests with complex MATLAB simulations or CANoe configurations.

The VN8917 base unit with integrated 11th generation Intel XEON processor is suitable for multi-channel configurations and extensive FlexRay and Ethernet simulations. In addition, the network interface supports co-simulation applications, as well as MATLAB simulations with high-performance requirements.

The VN8917 execution platform offers the necessary performance required for high-performance CANoe configurations. This applies, for example, to applications that require a high data throughput and need to access multiple bus channels and I/Os. The connection to the PC is established via Ethernet or USB 3.0. Ethernet data rates of up to 2.5 Gbit/s are supported.

In addition, the VN8917 execution platform offers standalone operation of CANoe simulations. This allows CANoe simulations to be carried out autonomously in the test bench environment without an operating PC.

Furthermore, the fast onboard memory is suitable for logging bus events.
More information at: www.vector.com/vn8900


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