Simex 6 Digit, LED, Counter, 5kHz, 10kHz, 24Vdc 

RS Stock No: 125-0657

The SLIK-N118 is a highly programmable, universal LED counter. Encased in a tight, IP67 wall-mounted housing, this counter is designed for use in hard environment conditions. The counter comes equipped with independent counting inputs that operate in various configurations (pulse or quadrate). Extra programmable inputs can change basic functions of counting inputs or hold counting without clearing.

Technical specifications:
Function: Counter
Aurocon_EAI0117_Fig-1Digit Height: 13 mm
Count Mode: Pulse
Minimum Measurement: -99999
Series: SLIK-N118
Display Type: LED
Count Direction: Down, Up
Meter Type: Electronic
Approvals: CE
Supply Voltage: 24Vdc
Mounting Type: Panel Mount
Maximum Count Frequency: 5 kHz, 10 kHz
Input Type: Pulse, Voltage
Depth: 67mm
Number Of Digits: 6
Connection Type: Screw
Reset Method: Automatic, Manual
Measurement Range: -99999 → 999999
Output / Interface: Relay, RS485 Interface
Minimum Operating Temperature: 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature: +50°C

RS Pro PID Temperature Controller, 48 × 48mm 11, 2 Output 2 Relay, 110 → 240 Vac Supply Voltage

RS Stock No: 124-1065

The 1/16 DIN PID temperature controllers are designed to provide temperature control in an easy to install, fast to program device.
The temperature is displayed on a large, highly improved LED display and can be used in various applications, such as sealers.

Technical specifications:
Aurocon_EAI0117_Fig-5Number of Outputs: 2
Output Type: 2 Relay
Minimum Operating Temperature: 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature: +55°C
Panel Depth: 67mm
IP Rating: IP20, IP65
Number of Inputs: 11
Mounting Type: Panel Mount
Size: 48 × 48mm
Configurable Outputs: Relay
Supply Voltage: 110 × 240 Vac
Display Type: Dual 4 Digit LED
Temperature Range: +100 → +1824°C (Type B Thermocouple); 0 → +1399°C
(Type N Thermocouple); 0 → +1762°C (Type S Thermocouple); 0 → +1795°C
(Type R Thermocouple); 0 → +2320°C (Type C Thermocouple); 0 → 762°C
(Type L Thermocouple); -199 → +800°C (PT100); -200 → +1200°C
(Type J Thermocouple); -240 → +1373°C (Type K Thermocouple);
-240 → +400°C (Type T Thermocouple).
Input Type: Analogue, B Type Thermocouple, C Type Thermocouple, J Type Thermocouple, K Type Thermocouple, L Type Thermocouple, N Type Thermocouple, PT100, R Type Thermocouple, S Type Thermocouple, T Type Thermocouple.

LED LED195 Series Beacon, Red, Flashing, Conduit Box, Wall Mount, 40 → 380Vdc, 85 → 280Vac

RS Stock No: 122-6679

Professional range of Moflash industrial LED beacons from the LED195 series. The LED beacons are designed for industrial or commercial applications where low maintenance, long life and cost effective solutions are required. The LED beacons have two stages of alarm. Flashing or continuous modes can be changed via a jumper link.

Technical specifications:
Aurocon_EAI0117_Fig-3Standards Met: CE Certified
Base Diameter: 104mm
Lamp Included: Yes
Current Type: AC, DC
Bulb Type: LED
Housing Colour: White
Height: 73mm
IP Rating: IP65
Maximum Temperature: +55°C
Series: LED195
Lens Colour: Red
Minimum Temperature: -25°C
Light Effect: Flashing
Mounting Style: Conduit Box, Wall Mount
Supply Voltage: 40 → 380 V dc, 85 → 280 V ac
Special Features: 120° Prime Light Output Above the Vertical Axis

Faulhaber DC Motor Controller, 3 Phase, 5 → 30 V dc, Panel Mount

RS Stock No: 122-4620

The MCLM 3002 series motion controllers from Faulhaber are easy to use single axis positioning controllers. They have been designed for the control of Faulhaber DC, brushless and linear motors. Supplied with an RS232 interface, and are ideal for applications that do not use a higher-level controller.

Aurocon_EAI0117_Fig-6Technical specifications:
Width: 25mm
Phase: 3
Supply Voltage: 5 → 30Vdc
Voltage Rating: 30Vdc
Length: 49.6mm
Depth: 14mm
Mounting Style: Panel Mount
Dimensions: 49.6 × 25 × 14 mm
Operating Temperature Range: -25 → +85°C

Gems Sensors Gas, Liquid Pressure Switch 0.7 → 4.1bar, SPST-NC, BSP 1/4 process connection

RS Stock No: 123-6132

These compact pressure switches are designed for OEM applications. They are equipped with high proof pressure capabilities for demanding hydraulic applications such as forklifts, scissor lifts, and off road equipment.

Aurocon_EAI0117_Fig-4Technical specifications:
Minimum Pressure Reading: 0.7bar
Maximum Pressure Reading: 4.1bar
Output Type: SPST-NC
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature: +121°C
Pressure Range: 0.7 → 4.1bar
Mounting Type: Thread Mount
Media Measured: Gas, Liquid
Process Connection: BSP 1/4
Accuracy: ±0.1 bar
Housing Material: Zinc Plated Steel
Electrical Connection: 1/4 × 1/32 Spade Terminal

SMC, 1000 L/min Flow Controller, Cable, 12 → 24 V dc, LCD

RS Stock No: 124-3829

The PFMC series from SMC is designed to provide a digital flow switch with a high flow rate and fast response time all in a compact, space saving enclosure. The PFMC flow switches are suitable for flow rates of up to 2000 L/min and is easy to install and commission. Service life has been improved by the use of a bypass structure that significantly reduces the time the sensor is exposed to moisture and contaminants.

Aurocon_EAI0117_Fig-2Technical specifications:
Display Screen: LCD
Current Rating: 80 mA
Series: PFMC
Supply Voltage: 12 → 24Vdc
Pipe Diameter Range: 1/2 in
Electrical Connection: Cable
Minimum Operating Temperature: 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature: +50°C
Maximum Flow Rate: 1000 L/min
For Use With: Flow Control Equipments



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