New packing systems in the REECO antistatic furniture range

by donpedro

The new products are stand-alone stations equipped with holders for fixing rolls of film, bubble wrap and/or wrapping paper and various types of cutting rails. The stations are based on free-standing frames or tables with worktops. The height of the work area is adjustable – manually in the case of the Classic and Premium workstations – and electrically, using actuators, in the case of Premium Electric designs.

The new series of products expands the existing offer of REECO anti-static furniture – developed by the RENEX Group as equipment for EPA zones in electronics production and service. Nevertheless, REECO furniture quickly found interest in other industries due to its durability and quality. Recently, the brand has also been expanding in the laboratory industry due to the use of coatings with antibacterial properties.

The development of REECO’s range of anti-static furniture – a prime example of which is the new series of packaging stations – is of key importance to us. As RENEX Group, we continue to develop our offer in order to provide our partners with products and services that are comprehensive, i.e. meet all the needs arising from running a company in the electronics industry. The novelties in REECO’s offer will allow you to create a professional, ergonomic workplace at the stage of final product protection. We are convinced that the solutions developed by us will also be of great interest for service centres, repair stores and online stores, where a large part of the equipment is individually packed and shipped – especially in the current epidemiological situation. – commented Mrs Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr Predrag Topić – owners of the RENEX Group.

The new designs are EPA-rated and fully compatible with previous modules and furniture in the REECO portfolio.

REECO furniture is a Polish product that develops on the global markets. Recently, the manufacturer – RENEX Group – informed about the expansion of its sales to other markets, such as Japan, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, and Switzerland.

REECO packaging systems, as well as other products from the wide RENEX Group offer, can be seen and tested in action at the RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER.

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