New large-format yellow tri-color e-paper displays open the door to more effective and engaging signage

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Pervasive Displays (PDi), a world leader in e-paper displays (EPDs), today launches its new range of large-format tri-color displays that render text and images in yellow, as well as black and white. With both 7.4 and 12.2-inch models available, the new EPDs open up fresh opportunities to enrich customer experiences by displaying information in three colors.

E-paper displays are an increasingly popular choice for signage in locations with no mains power, thanks to their ability to operate for months or even years on a single battery. The addition of yellow to the color palette adds greater flexibility, making this display technology a more attractive option in a wider variety of applications.

Signage where information must be dynamic, but only changes infrequently, is an ideal use case for this new range of displays. Office meeting room schedule screens, bus stop real-time departure boards, retail signage and museum information placards (particularly those used in temporary exhibitions or where multiple languages are required) could all be enriched by using tri-color e-paper displays. The yellow e-ink could highlight specific information, such as important facts, changes to bus times or special offers.

Both the 7.4 and 12.2-inch models have state-of-the-art driving waveforms that enable the display of high-quality images at 126 dpi and 103 dpi respectively. And their internal timing controller (iTC) reduces the amount of peripheral circuitry and programming required, resulting in slimline, easy-to-use devices.

Alchin Wang, General Manager, Pervasive Displays, said: “Signage needs to perform a number of key goals, attracting people’s attention and then conveying information as quickly and clearly as possible. The addition of yellow e-ink helps product and service designers on both fronts, thereby supporting better customer experiences.”

“This is in addition to the other characteristics of e-paper displays that make them perfect for use in indoor and outdoor signage. These include low energy requirements, wide viewing angles and the use of physical e-ink particles that reflect ambient light, which ensures what’s on the display remains readable even in bright sunlight.”

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More information about the two large-format yellow tri-color displays is available on the Pervasive Displays website:

Pervasive Displays

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