New at Rutronik: Ultra-stable GNSSDO from HKC

by donpedro

HKC (Hong Kong X’tals) presents its GNSSDO (Global Navigation Satellite System Disciplined Oscillator) of the K-STAR series. The disciplined oscillator receives signals from satellites to generate a high-precision 1 PPS (Pulse per Second) output. It supports concurrent reception of signals from GPS, GLONASS, BEIDU and GALILEO. The K-STAR GNSSDO is available in a form factor of 155 × 165 × 55 mm at

The K-STAR series GNSSDO is time and frequency synchronized to UTC and provides a low noise 10MHz reference output. It receives GNSS-signals with a sensitivity of down to -167dBm. With a long-term frequency stability that shows deviations of less than 1E-12 the new K-STAR achieves the quality standards of Stratum 2 of the Network Time Protocol and ITU-T Type II (G.812) of the International Telecommunication Union.

While temperature variation and aging of the core crystal impact the accuracy of traditional GNSSDOs when there is outage in GNSS-signal, the K-STAR GNSSDO is able to learn and compensate the influence of temperature and aging characteristics thanks to the advanced AOM system modeling algorithm. As a result the holdover performance for the 1PPS output is better than ±1.5μs accuracy over 24 hours under temperature variation of up to 20°C.

With its excellent stability and holdover performance the K-STAR GNSSDO is suited for 4G and 5G LTE-TDD base stations. Other applications include energy industry where energy operators require an accurate time source to monitor the energy flow of their networks and finance and stock exchanges where accurate time stamping is required to trace all transactions.

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