MSC Technologies offers XQ LED Family from Cree to Deliver Lower System Cost

by donpedro

201601-lighting-press-v2_WEBMSC Technologies, company of Avnet, Inc. expands its portfolio of lighting-class LEDs with the addition of the XLamp® XQ-A LED to the XQ LED family. The compact, ceramic-based XQ-A enables lighting manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively expand their product portfolios by leveraging an LED design that is similar to that of the proven and reliable XQ-E. With a broad range of color options and optical symmetry, the XQ-A LED is the smallest LED building block available for designs that use white and color LEDs.

The ceramic XQ-A LED delivers lighting-class reliability, quality and long-life performance comparable to Cree’s other ceramic high-power LEDs such as the high performing XP and XT. The new LEDs leverage the proven XQ platform to provide optical symmetry, consistency across all colors and tiny 1.6mm footprint to improve color mixing and simplify the production process for lighting manufacturers.

The XQ-A delivers up to 118 lm/W and is characterized at 85°C Tj. It is available in white color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K and CRI options of 70, 80 and 90. The LED is also available in red, red-orange, PC amber, green, blue and royal blue.

MSC Technologies

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