Mouser Now Stocking ROHM Semiconductor ML22120 Automotive-Grade Speech-Synthesis LSI IC

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Mouser Electronics, Inc., is now shipping the ML22120 automotive-grade speech synthesis LSI IC from ROHM Semiconductor. The ML22120 Speech Synthesis LSI IC is designed for vehicle approach alert systems in electric vehicles (EVs).

The ROHM ML22120, available from Mouser, is the industry’s first speech synthesis LSI designed specifically for AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) sounds for EVs. New AVAS regulations require warning sounds to alert pedestrians of EV approach, and this automotive-grade speech synthesis LSI hardware integrates a warning sound generator, a fader, and an equalizer for creating and adjusting playback sounds (like vehicle proximity alert sounds) while simplifying sound adjustment after installation in the vehicle. At the same time, dedicated GUI software makes it easy to comply with regulations for volume and frequency characteristics required for AVAS.

The ML22120 LSI is controlled by simple voice commands, allowing warning sounds to be initiated in less than one-tenth the time of conventional MCU-generated systems. Unlike MCU-based designs, the ML22120 series hardware configuration eliminates the need for software validation, significantly reducing AVAS development time by leveraging speech synthesis ICs to program high-fidelity sound. The ML22120 features a 16-bit D/A converter and low-pass filter, producing high-quality sound with a 5-band equalizer for sound-quality effect processing.

The ML22120 also includes a failure detection function designed to detect abnormalities in communication with the main microcontroller or external oscillator, enhancing vehicle safety and reliability. The ROHM ML22120 LSI supports a maximum external serial flash memory of 128 Mbits, with a serial flash memory interface for sound data and the sound data playback function (sound generator).

The ML22120 is supported by the RB-D22120TB32 reference board and the SDCK3 sound device control kit 3, also available from Mouser. Dedicated GUI software enables easy evaluation of everything from sound generation to correction and trial listening of alert sounds.

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