Mouser Electronics Now Stocking Qorvo ACT88329 and ACT88321 Multi-Time Programmable Power Management ICs

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Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking ACT88329 and ACT88321 multi-time programmable Constant-On-Time (COT) power management ICs (PMICs) from Qorvo®. Both PMICs, from the ActiveCiPS™ line of products, are optimized for high performance and compact form-factor designs.

The Qorvo ACT88329 and ACT88321 PMICs, available from Mouser Electronics, accelerate time to market by delivering design flexibility for multiple applications, from SSD cards, computer vision (such as security cameras), and routers to home control, voice-assisted devices, and low-power mobile uses such as LPDDR5. The same base part can be used to support different end products simply by changing the PMIC configuration without special software or firmware. Manufacturers can debug their design and change settings in real time without changing external components.

The PMICs integrate five voltage rails, a sequencer, and seven configurable general-purpose IOs (GPIOs) in a very small 2.18 × 2.58 mm 30-ball WLCSP package. The GPIOs support two-level input voltage monitoring and can be configured for different features and purposes like interrupt, reset, external enable, and sleep/deep sleep modes. The proprietary ACOT control mode gives the best performance at low output voltage.

Each PMIC includes three DC/DC step down converters using integrated power FETs and two low-dropout regulators (LDOs). All are highly configurable via the I²C interface. The ACT88329 and ACT88321 are the first integrated PMICs in this configuration to support output voltage as low as 0.5 V for low-output applications like LPDDR5.

For development, Mouser also stocks the corresponding ACT88329EVK1-101 and ACT88321EVK1-101 evaluation kits. The boards offer standalone operation, but when connected to a PC via a USB-to-I²C dongle can provide full access to the target PMIC’s internal registers and operational capabilities.

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