MikroElektronika & FTDI Chip Embark on Construction of Comprehensive FT90X Development Environment

by donpedro

Belgrade-headquartered development tool chain supplier MikroElektronika has signed a formal agreement with FTDI Chip to create mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers

for the FT90X 32-bit microcontroller offering. The FT90X utilises a proprietary 32-bit RISC architecture – allowing it to set performance benchmarks beyond 2.93DMIPS/MHz, with true zero wait-states operation up to 100MHz frequencies, as well as capacious memory and an array of advanced connectivity resources.
The two companies previously teamed up in order to bring a graphic development software solution to market, based on Visual TFT, which supported the FT800 embedded video engine (EVE) graphic controller. This allowed more rapid implementation of next generation human machine interfaces (HMIs) via EVE’s innovative object-oriented approach and Visual TFT’s simple to use drag-and-drop functionality.

According to MikroElektronika’s CEO, Nebojsa Matic, “Through this partnership, MikroElektronika will build an entire FT90X ecosystem, including not just the compiler products but also development boards, useful examples for click boards and Visual TFT software support.”

Fred Dart, FTDI Chip’s CEO and Founder, adds, “MikroElektronika was instrumental in furnishing our customers with the development tools needed to support their FT800 EVE-based design projects. Now with the FT90X we are looking to work with its team of imaginative and highly experienced engineers again in order to accomplish the same goal for our advanced microcontroller product lines.”



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