Microchip launches utility-band Power-Line Soft-Modem development kit

by donpedro

Microchip announces the Power-Line Modem (PLM) PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board Development Kit (AC164145) for the utility frequency band. The kit supports the development of products which communicate using the same wiring that provides power, allowing instant networks to be created at low system and deployment costs. The kit provides communication over power lines using a Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) modulation scheme, with the on-board modem using the CELENEC A utility frequency baseband of 72kHz, for communication at a rate of 6kbps. In addition, the modem hardware is compatible with the universal power-line, and can operate on 110V or 220V electrical systems. The soft modem is based on the scalable dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controller (DSC) architecture and interfaces with Microchip’s Explorer 16 Development Board. It is supported with royalty-free schematics, demo code and software in source-code format.

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