IQD launches new ultra high stability OCXO at Embedded World 2013

by donpedro

IQD’s new IQOV-70 series OCXO which is launching at Embedded World 2013 is designed for use in next generation multimode base station platforms. Operating at a frequency of 10MHz, the new model achieves a frequency stability of ±3ppb (parts per billion) over the operating temperature range of -10 to +70 degrees C.
Multimode base station platforms are based upon TD-LTE technology (Time Division Long Term Evolution) and can fully support HSDPA/MBMS/HSUPA/HSPA+ which share the same platform as LTE with its super-high capacity. This enables it to accommodate many situations including densely populated and suburban areas, rural areas and indoor locations etc.
The new design is built around an SC-cut (Stress Compensated) crystal, designed and manufactured in-house at IQD FOQ GmbH where the latest techniques in thermal modelling have been developed over many years and significantly contributes to the excellent performance.
Output capability can be either HCMOS or LV-TTL with supply voltage options of 5 or 12 Volts. Electrical frequency adjustment of ±0.4ppm min allows for ageing over time. Phase noise performance of < -155dBc/Hz at an offset of 10kHz is particularly important bearing in mind the application and its need for high capacity data transfer. Frequency ageing is limited to ±0.05ppm maximum over a period of 1 year. As standard, the design is housed in an industry standard IEC C008 5-pin Euro package with a height of only 13mm max but surface mount packages are also available. Further details will be available at IQD’s stand 152 in Hall 1 at Embedded World 2013.

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