INXPECT: Industrial safety with LBK System

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Volumetric Linear Safety Barrier
The LBK System has been designed for use around hazardous machinery and robot automated areas providing perimeter or area access detection. An affordable SIL2 Volumetric Linear Safety Barrier, the LBK System is built around FMCW radar smart sensors, with dynamically configurable presence sensing areas (warning +danger). Suited for application where smoke, dust, shavings, machining waste, splashes, usually lead optical detectors to generate false alarm, the LBK System can be easily configured through the provided PC Software application. The LBK System is proudly engineered, designed and made in Italy by Inxpect.

A new Safety Barrier technology that offers superior safety protection without compromising productivity and efficiency, even in harsh industrial environments
The LBK System provides an Industrial Safety Barrier , and is based on the LBK-S01, an innovative radar-based motion sensor device that, together with the appropriate LBK Control unit, ensures that automated machines or robots enter in safe mode when operators enter or are present in a dangerous area. The LBK System consists of at least an LBK-S01 smart motion sensor that operates in combination with an LBK-C22 Control unit, realizing an active protective system, SIL2, in accordance with IEC 61508.

Main features:
Two dynamically configurable depths: warning and danger
Configurable EDM and Restart Interlock I/O
Configurable non-safe relay output for Pre-alarm, Muting or Ready condition signalling
No additional mounting hardware required

Operator protection, robust to dust and smoke
The use of safety devices for personnel, workplace protection and in machine safety can vary depending on the individual manufacturing markets. However, there are plenty of industrial applications that may require safety barriers where traditional optical or pressuresensitive- based solutions cannot be applied.

Where light curtains, laser barriers, or safety mats fail, the LBK Safety Linear Barrier system is the solution.
The Inxpect LBK-C22 is the Safety barrier control unit used to monitor up to 6 LBK-S01 smart detectors. Intervention of any single detector results in deactivation of the safety output.

The LBK-C22 control unit can be configured through a provided application, connecting a PC with a USB cable. Sensibility adjustment, depth of the warning and danger areas can be easily configured as well as auxiliary output relay functions. The configuration parameters also allow to set the system in order to work with an external EDM and manage Muting requests or Restart Interlock functions.
The Inxpect LBK-S01 smart motion detectors are based on FMCW radar technology, a proven technique that guarantees best in class performance at detecting and tracking motion. Unlike traditional motion sensors based on infra-red, laser or microwaves, thanks to its advanced architecture and to Inxpect ’s proprietary system design, LBK-S01 can compute in real time the distance of the moving personnel reaching unsafe areas.

The LBK-S01 is undisturbed by smoke, dust, shavings, machining waste, splashes, resulting in a dramatic reduction of false alarms, and significantly increasing the efficiency and productivity of the plant without compromising safety.

Fields of application
Robot automated areas
Food and beverage industry
Hazardous machinery
Material handling equipment
Packaging machinery
Special machine construction

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