Intersil Announces High Efficiency Buck-Boost and Boost+Bypass Switching Regulators for Smartphones and Tablets

by donpedro

Intersil announced five new additions to the ISL911xx family of market leading buck-boost and boost switching regulators, optimized to support system power supplies and

peripherals such as Wi-Fi or 3G/4G RF power amplifiers. Intersil’s proprietary four-switch buck-boost architecture extends battery life by enabling industry leading efficiency of up to 96% and providing smooth transitions from buck to boost to prevent glitches and noise in smartphones, tablets and other single-cell lithium ion (Li-ion) or Li-polymer battery systems. The ISL9110x buck-boost regulator family is capable of working with the ultra-small inductors and capacitors to fit within less than 14mm2 board footprint, making them the ideal 2A switching converter solution for space-constrained mobile devices. The advanced wafer-level CSP package requires only a single inductor and very few external components, which minimizes overall space requirements. The ISL911xx regulators’ 2.5MHz switching frequency further reduces the power supply solution size.


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