Industrial force transducers

by donpedro

The offer of Transfer Multisort Elektronik has been enriched by industrial force transducers manufactured by Tecsis, series: F12131-.. and F23011-.. that are predestined to work with forces from 0,01kN to 50kN. All available models are used to measure compression and tensile forces and are equipped with 4-20mA analogue current outputs or 0-10VDC voltage outputs.
Thin-film cells were used in those transducers for the purpose of measurements. Such thin-film cell ensures high, long-term stability, repeatability and high resistance to oscillations and vibrations. Each model from the F23011 series is equipped with a standard M12 connection, whereas, the F12131 family has got a 2 m long cable with amplifier. All models are also characterized by:
• accuracy < 0,2 % of the measuring range; • hysteresis < 0,1 % of the measuring range; • response time < 1ms; • terminal overload 150% of the measuring range; • operating temperature: -20°C +80°C; • sealing IP67; • housing made of stainless steel; • reverse polarization protection, anti short-circuit and anti-overvoltage. Models with 0-10VDC outputs are powered with 14-30VDC voltage, and models with 4-20mA outputs with the voltage of 10-30VDC. Such transducers can be used in all types of industrial automatic systems and also in laboratories as well as test systems. More information: Transfer Multisort Elektronik
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