Industrial DDR4 DRAM Memory

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  • 4th Generation DDR DRAM Modules
  • DIMM, SO-DIMM and VLP-DIMM form factor
  • Standard, Server and Wide-Temp series
  • Buffered, unbuffered, registered ECC
  • Fixed BOM, Long term availability


  • Industrial PC
  • Embedded Systems
  • Panel PC

DDR4 DRAM modules of the CIR series for industrial computers

Especially for mainboards used in industrial PCs, ICP Germany offers DDR4 DIMM modules, which are designed for tougher applications and can meet higher requirements than standard RAM. All modules are developed and manufactured according to JEDEC standard. Original DRAM chips in industrial quality are used. To meet higher requirements, all RAM modules are subordinated to the principle of a fixed production bill of materials (Fixed-BOM) and use only components that are available on a long-term basis.

The 288 PIN standard DIMM and the 260 PIN standard SO-DIMM RAM bars offer modules with memory organization of 512Mx8, 1Gx8, and 2Gx8, tuned clock rates from 2400 Mhz up to 3200MHz and memory sizes from 4GB up to 32GB. The standard series is designed for 0 to +85 °C. The Wide-Temp DIMM series, which is also available, additionally offers a negative operating temperature range of -40 °C. For systems with particularly low heights or special internal airflow conditions, the VLP form factor (Very-Low-Profile) can be used. With a height of only 18.75mm, the DIMM VLP series offers memory organizations of 512Mx8 and 1Gx8, clock rates up to 2666MHz and memory sizes from 4GB up to 16GB. The SO-DIMM VLP series, on the other hand, offers a maximum of 8GB memory size with a height of 18mm. For additional applications where data security must be ensured, DIMM and SO-DIMM series with ECC and a DIMM series with Registered ECC are available. All ECC series are available with modules with a memory organization of 512Mx8, 1Gx8 or 2Gx8, tuned clock rates from 2400 Mhz up to 3200 MHz, and sizes from 4Gb up to 32GB. Support in selecting the right modules is offered by ICP Germany by phone and e-mail.

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