IAR Systems launches development tool suite for STMicroelectronics STM8 family

by donpedro

IAR Systems announced that IAR Embedded Workbench is now available for STMicroelectronics STM8 microcontrollers. Support for the STM8 family extends the support already available for the ARM® Cortex-M3™ based STM32 range of microcontrollers. The consistent tool chain for STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers allows developers to use the same reliable and powerful tools for developing embedded software across both architectures. A common user interface and a single naming convention of embedded specific language extensions make switching between the 8-bit target and the 32-bit target an easier, quicker and more reliable task, allowing developers to focus on application development instead of learning new tools. IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8 is a comprehensive set of embedded development tools for applications employing the STM8 platform.

It supports all STM8 devices in the STM8A, STM8L and STM8S families. IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8 includes a project manager, editor, build tools and debugger in a tightly integrated development environment. Real-time on-chip debugging is available through the ST-LINK and STice debug probes available from STMicroelectronics. Powerful debug features including performance analysis through function profiling and code coverage utilities, and exact execution control using complex code and data breakpoints, saves project time. An evaluation version is available for download on www.iar.com/ewstm8.

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