HOPE RF communication modules from Hope Microelectronics

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Achieving full functionality of modern electronic devices – not only professional equipment – often involves wireless communication between devices. These days, due to the availability of miniature wireless communication modules this problem becomes easy to solve.
Hope Microelectronics is one of the world leaders in the production of wireless communications modules which covers ISM bands.
TME offers transmitters, receivers and transceivers for bands 433 and 868 MHz. They provide long distance communication: up to 300 m for 433 MHz version and about 200 m for 868 MHz at a transmission rate of 1,2 kb/s and bandwidth 134 kHz.
This distance can be extended (to about 3000 m) with the use of transceivers with increased output power of transmission channel (RFM12BP/xxx series). The transmission parameters are set by external control system (for example microcontrollers). In favourable environment conditions, these modules can achieve a transmission speed of up to 115,2 kb/s, and by the application of an external filter this speed can even be increased up to 256 kb/s.
The modules are available in two versions: DIP and SMD, and they are ready for use just after installation – no tuning is required. Due to their small dimensions (about 16x16x2 mm for transmitters and receivers, 40x20x4 for increased power transceivers) the modules can be easily applied in Your very own constructions. Also hardware implementation isn’t a problem here. Data exchange with a wireless module is carried out over the SPI interface, which is available in the majority of commonly used microcontrollers.
Power supply of the modules is adapted to currently applicable standards (from 2,2 to 3,8V). The modules are characterized by very small current consumption, and the possibility to switch to stand by mode (in this mode current consumption is as small as 0,3mA) when the transmission is off.

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