High-performance box IPC with Intel® QM57 chipset for installation in a control cabinet

by donpedro

DSM Computer’s new Galaxy® G4-QM57 control cabinet PC integrates the Intel® Core™ i5-520M processor clocked with 2.4 GHz, and the Intel® QM57 chipset. In addition to the standard version, a higher-performance model with the Intel® Core™ i7-620M (2.66GHz) and a lower-cost system with the Intel® Celeron™ P4500 Dual Core CPU are available as options. The fast, standard 4GB DDR3 RAM main memory (800/1066MHz) can be expanded to a maximum capacity of 8GB. The robust Galaxy® G4-QM57 is designed specially for the harsh industrial environment. Thanks to its compact size of 149 × 260 × 280mm, the computer can be installed flexibly in a control cabinet. To permit the fast access to all components, the drive bay and the connections are located on the front side of the industrial housing. Two 8-cm temperature-controlled system fans ensure the optimum ventilation of the housing, irrespective of the positioning of the control cabinet. The operating temperature range is 0° to +45°C.
To expand the system with short, commercially-available supplementary modules, e.g. for CAN bus and other fieldbus cards, or with customer-specific controller cards, the control cabinet PC provides three free PCI slots and one PCI Express™ ×1 slot.

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