High-current, high-voltage and high-performance applications benefit from Microchip’s new LDO voltage-regulator family

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Microchip announces the MCP1755 and MCP1755S high-performance, high-input-voltage and high-output-current family of CMOS Low-Dropout (LDO) voltage regulators. These LDOs can accept a wide input voltage range of 3.6-16V and deliver an output current of 300mA at output voltages of 1.8-5.5V, while consuming only 68µA of quiescent current (typical). Additionally, the MCP1755/1755S LDOs have a shutdown pin, enabling them to consume less than 0.1µA (typical) during shutdown mode, which extends battery lifetimes. To conserve space, the LDOs are offered

in SOT and 2 × 3mm DFN packages. These features provide designers with a high degree of flexibility for an extremely broad range of applications, such as medical, mobile devices and LED lighting controllers.
Many of today’s electronic designs need to operate in environments that contain high levels of electrical and magnetic noise. Noise is generated when switching transients and RF signals get coupled onto power-supply lines. Applications such as ground- and arc-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI/ AFCI) circuit breakers, wireless devices, automotive-aftermarket electronics, and medical devices are sensitive to this power-supply noise. The MCP1755 and MCP1755S LDOs have a high Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) of 70dB @ 1kHz, which filters input noise and provides significantly cleaner output voltages, making them well suited to noise-sensitive applications.

Key Facts:
• LDOs provide industry’s best combination of performance, size and price
• High output current of 300 mA, high input voltage of 16V and high noise rejection of 70 dB
• Ideal for designs with 9V and 12V power-supply rails which require very clean supply voltages
• Suited to a wide range of applications including medical, mobile devices and LED lighting controllers

Both of the new LDOs are available today for sampling and volume production. The MCP1755S is offered in 3-pin SOT223 and 8-pin, 2×3 mm DFN packages; whilst the MCP1755 is available in 5-pin SOT223 and SOT23 packages, as well as the 8-pin, 2 × 3 mm DFN.

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