First Telit HSPA-BGA module available at Rutronik now

by donpedro

To future-proof data transmission devices against non-availability of the 2G network, Telit is launching the HE series. The Telit HE863, the first module in the new series, is a powerful, low-cost and fully equipped HSPA M2M module with embedded GPS receiver and 22 GPIOs (General Purpose Input/Outputs) in a ball grid array (BGA) form factor. It’s available at distributor Rutronik now. BGA technology is easy to process and permits a high number of inputs and outputs on a relatively small footprint. BGA modules are fitted by means of a grid of solder balls on the underside of the package. The material costs of the product are reduced as no board-to-board connectors are required. The HE863 measures a compact 31.4mm x 41.4mm x 2.9mm. The solder balls are spaced further apart than with most other BGA systems (2/2.5mm compared with 0.8/0.5mm), making for easier assembly. All models in the series have the same footprint for maximum compatibility.
The HE863 supports quad-band GSM, GPRS/EDGE multislot class 33, 3GPP stack Release 6 and dual-band HSPA with 5.76 Mbps (uplink) and 7.2 Mbps (downlink). There are three pin-compatible variations of HSPA (900/2100, 850/1900 and 850/2100) to enable global use. Telit supplies the module with an optional embedded GPS/A-GPS receiver.

Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH

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