Exar Introduces Ultra-Low Jitter Programmable Clock

by donpedro

Exar Corporation announced an addition to its family of universal clock products. The XR81112 series offers output frequencies from 10MHz to 1.5GHz with ultra-low phase

noise jitter of less than 200fs that makes them ideal for demanding communications, audio / video, and industrial applications. The tiny 3×3mm QFN-12 packaged devices are the smallest on the market with this broad feature set.
The XR81112 clock synthesizer utilizes a flexible delta-sigma modulator and a very wide-ranging VCO in a PLL block that has been optimized to be extremely power efficient. With a core current consumption of just 20mA, these parts dissipate 60% less power than equivalent competitive devices, providing a compelling power efficiency benefit to system designers. The PLL can operate from either an input system clock or a crystal, and incorporates both an integer divider and a high-resolution (<1Hz) fractional divider for increased flexibility to generate any clock frequency. Exar

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