eSync platform drives most extensive in-vehicle OTA deployment seen worldwide

by donpedro

The eSync Alliance reports that member company Excelfore has announced the deployment of the eSync platform for new cars being produced by FAW, one of China’s largest automotive manufacturers, in the most extensive in-vehicle over-the-air (OTA) capability seen to date in the automotive industry.

The eSync platform provides a secure, bidirectional OTA data pipeline from the server in the cloud to multiple devices in the FAW vehicles.

According to Rick Kreifeldt, Executive Director at the eSync Alliance, “This deployment provides  OTA capabilities to more devices in the vehicle than any other car in production in the world. The eSync OTA technology enables FAW to manage software updates to more than 30 electronic control units (ECUs) and domain controllers, from 24 different vendors, across infotainment, safety, comfort and all other technology domains in the car.” The eSync data pipeline can also be used for diagnostic data gathering and error detection.  The full Excelfore announcement can be found at:

The eSync Alliance is an open industry initiative established to build a secure, multi-vendor path for end-to-end OTA updating and data services for the connected car, through a worldwide network of cooperating suppliers. Companies in the Alliance include Alpine, Excelfore, HELLA, Mobica, Molex and ZF. Further information on the eSync Alliance can be found at:


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