EasyARM v6 Development Board

by donpedro

This time we are bringing the hot stuff to the table. New EasyARM v6 brings new perspective to the world of ARM7 development boards. It has been equipped with hi-quality SMD components, and has many new integrated modules: CAN, USB, two USB UARTS, Piezo Buzzer, GLCD and LCD connectors, 80 LEDs and 80 push buttons, as well as 16 IDC10 connectors for additional boards connectivity. But this just the beginning. We have thought of a great way to give this board the wings it deserves. For the first time, we are introducing mikroBoards for ARM which are the brains of the development system. They are small and compact, but containing the MCU and many additional modules: Serial Flash, microSD card slot, fast ISP programmer, USB connector and connection pads for each MCU pin. The best benefit of this approach is that, after you’re done developing, you can take off the mikroBoard for ARM and use it either as a standalone device, or integrate it easily in your final product. It is really a great feature. So, even if you are not and ARM developer, we invite you to visit the newly designed EasyARM v6 development board webpage.


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