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With a much higher efficiency than the incandescent light bulbs and without the dangerous chemical substances found in fluorescent lamps, the LED technology gains popularity, being an environmentally friendly lighting solution.

The electroluminescent diodes domain is inexhaustible, as the applicability area becomes more generous. From LEDs for indoor lighting, outdoor architectural lighting, downlights, floodlights, projectors, information boards, warning systems or the wish to obtain interesting lights effects for the household sector, the LEDs are achieved in a large variety of constructive shapes, from chips directly implemented on board, up to high-power multi-chps.
The LEDs are revolutionizing the lighting, being able to produce a large spectrum of colors, have a luminous efficiency that can overcome 100lumens/W and a power level that reaches 20W. The current’s level determines the level of output light, so that, a higher current results in a more powerful luminosity; due to the sharp characteristic current/voltage, the LEDs control is achieved in constant current, and the control of current’s intensity is continuous or as impulses (PWM). Depending on the supply voltage, the LEDs no. and the output current, a variety of LEDs drivers results.

Main characteristics:
Nominal supply (U): 24V (18 – 30V)
IOUT: 2,8A ±5%
Frequency: 500kHz
FPWM: 100 – 1000Hz
Efficiency: > 95%
Sizes: 45,5mm × 22mm × 23 mm.

While the linear drivers are inefficient and generate too much heat, the switch drivers have an increased efficiency, but the problem with these lies in the EMI sphere and, of course, the costs. In some cases, a linear regulator or a simple resistor can be used, but in most cases, it is necessary to use switch drivers. The solution is to accomplish an efficient design, that would follow legal requirements, with a minimum cost.
We offer solutions for designing driver LEDs that benefit of a constant current source for simple LEDs or LEDs array that allow for colors and luminosity to be adjusted within a wide temperature range. We manufacture driver LEDs with network supply (85 – 265Va.c.) and power between 1 to 1000W, ideal for parallel and series configurations, both in Open Frame and Case versions.
Under maximum performance/cost report, by using the supplied driver LEDs, you can obtain high energy efficient solutions that translate in a radical reduction of energy consumption. The driver LED DL-024-60W has an input for adjusting the light intensity through PWM, available in case.

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