DigiKey Launches Season 1 of MedTech Beyond Video Series

New video series explores the evolving landscape of medical devices

by gabi

DigiKey introduced the new MedTech Beyond video series with NXP Semiconductors and RECOM Power.

DigiKey, a leading global commerce distributor offering the largest selection of technical components and automation products in stock for immediate shipment, announced the launch of its new MedTech Beyond video series.

Sponsored by NXP® Semiconductors and RECOM Power, the three-part video series dives into how medical devices are evolving and allowing for faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment. From wearables to immersive tech and AI-powered innovations, the series explores how medical technology is creating opportunities to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

“As healthcare needs and technology both rapidly advance, DigiKey is proud to support the needed technology advancements,” said Josh Mickolio, supplier business development manager – wireless and IoT for DigiKey. “Medtech advancements are enhancing every aspect of healthcare and ultimately leading to longer, more fulfilling lives.”

“Our power supplies play a pivotal role in enabling cutting-edge medical devices to operate flawlessly, ensuring precision and reliability,” said Chris Wolf, president, RECOM Power. “At RECOM, we take pride in contributing to the advancement of medical technology, and we remain dedicated to powering a healthier and more connected world.”

“An important change in the medtech landscape is the ‘scale’ of care, as we see an increased need to manage healthcare in the home,” said Luca Difalco, senior vice president, global sales offerings for NXP Semiconductors. “Our technology enables the democratization of health monitoring and diagnostics while helping to ensure the security of the data and device. The ability to offer advanced quality, long product lifecycles and a wide portfolio of offerings positions NXP well to help advance the medtech industry.”

The first of three videos in the series, “Holistic Health,” is now live on DigiKey’s website, and investigates the evolution of tech-assisted personal wellness and patient care. Personal wellness tech is no longer limited to counting steps. A new generation of patient care and personalized medical devices are using the latest technology to provide a better patient experience and a more holistic look at daily health.

The second video, “Engineering Better Health Outcomes,” explores how innovation happens behind the scenes with industry leaders. Given the critical importance of patient safety and security, medical device engineers, designers and supply chains face more pressure than most.

The third and final video in the first season of the series, “Curing Tomorrow,” examines the big thinkers investigating the next medtech breakthrough. From AI-powered diagnostics to predictive analytics, investigate how today’s innovations are helping diagnose and treat the diseases of tomorrow.

To learn more about the video series and how DigiKey is supporting the rapidly evolving medtech sector, visit the DigiKey website.

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