Cost competitive connection system from Molex for vehicle–wiring applications now available from TTI, Inc.

by donpedro

TTI---Molex-ML-XTTTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components, now stocks Molex’s rugged ML-XT connection system in Europe. Featuring a market leading high-performance seal technology, it is a cost competitive solution offering superior reliability for critical vehicle-wiring applications in harsh environments.

The sophisticated seal technology used by Molex’s ML-XT connection system is proven to prevent ingress of fluids under extreme conditions. An advanced two-shot LSR (liquid silicone rubber) molding produces a one-piece plug and seal that provides optimum seal positioning at all times, including during mating and un-mating of the header and receptacle. The result is a solution that achieves superior reliability over de-facto-standard systems in the industry.

Further technical details include rear seals made from HCR (high consistency rubber) to prevent damage to the rear seal during terminal insertion/extraction. Latched rear covers allow for flexible cable exits and cable movement whilst maintaining optimum seal position to prevent leak paths. A high terminal retention force exceeding 111N helps withstand high axial pull-out forces per J2030 specification. The plug housing features an integral locking latch to ensure secure mating of the plug and receptacle

The plug and receptacle housings are supplied pre-assembled with internal HCR rear seals locked-in by rear covers. This reduces inventory, assembly time and costs for harness manufacturers and prevents the loss of rear seals for a cost-competitive mated system. The connection system is available with nine different colour-coded housings to enable easy visual mating of harnesses and to prevent mis-mating.


TTI, Inc.

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