Concept car combines the latest products for the European market Driving tomorrow with sustainable innovations

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SEKISUI wants its first appearance at the IAA to leave a lasting impression. The Japanese automotive supplier is represented by Masayuki Suda, CEO of SEKISUI CHEMICAL GmbH, the first SEKISUI company in Europe, founded in 1962. Today and throughout the show, Suda and experts from the SEKISUI Automotive & Transportation Business Strategy Department will be on hand to explain individual products such as Luminous PVB and the company’s new Color Carbon and talk through the benefits of each product. To assist, Suda will unveil SEKISUI’s striking concept car. The motto “driving tomorrow with sustainable innovations” is the perfect description, as the concept car is more than just an eye-catcher: it offers a visual expression of the SEKISUI brand values and showcases the product solutions the internationally successful Japanese company is bringing to the European automotive market. The futuristic car is on display at SEKISUI’s booth in Hall 9.0 Stand B02 alongside more detailed insights into the latest SEKISUI innovations integrated into it. Following the IAA, interested parties can experience the concept car in Helmond, Netherlands, where it will be available on the Automotive Campus until the second half of October 2019.

SEKISUI provides more designability & customization options

SEKISUI’s concept car incorporates several innovative products that enhance comfort and safety:

  • Interlayer films for laminated glass are used in automotive glazing and serve to prevent glass from penetrating or scattering in the event of an accident, as well as shielding against ultraviolet rays. In addition to these basic functions, SEKISUI high-performance S-LEC™ interlayer film provides sound insulation, thermal insulation and HUD compatibility with a clearer image of crucial information for passengers. These products contribute to the improvement of automobile comfort and safety. SEKISUI’s concept car features a windshield HUD with SEKISUI’s “Luminous PVB”: an interlayer film with simultaneous light function that can display information on the entire windshield and other car windows.
  • The most spectacular product installed in the concept car is SEKISUI Color Carbon: a carbon-fiber material processed with sputtering technology. SEKISUI creates an ultra-thin layer of ionized metal particles that binds directly to the surface and enables the creation of astonishing colored carbon fabrics. Depending on the type of metal, various colors can be achieved. This means more customization options while retaining all the benefits of carbon without color degradation. SEKISUI also provides several products that improve the safety, reliability and weight characteristics of lithium-ion batteries and their associated electronic control units. One of these thermal-management materials is thermally conductive grease, which provides high conductivity, excellent abrasion resistance and low outgassing properties.
  • SEKISUI’s thermal-interface materials are a worthwhile enhancement, especially for environmentally friendly vehicles. Another product is the “Fi-Block” fire protection material, which reduces the risk of a battery fire spreading. Most urethane foams are flammable, but SEKISUI’s PUXFLAME foam is highly fire-resistant. SEKISUI offers a wide range of plastic materials, molding products and tapes for automobiles. The newest development among SEKISUI’s foam products provides a certain degree of light penetration.

“We are sharing our vision of future mobility solutions,” says Masayuki Suda, summing up the thinking behind the IAA appearance. “And it centers around our concept car, which showcases the main innovations we can offer to car manufacturers and suppliers.”


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