Compact embedded systems from the NanoServer® family with dust-protection filter

by donpedro

DSM Computer now also offers its embedded systems from the two-slot NanoServer®N2 family with an air filter as dust protection. The filter consists of a sheet-metal cassette with an internal filter mat that is screwed to the side of the housing. Although the dust filter is integrated in the device design, it is easy to remove and replace from outside. The robust NanoServer® systems with air filter are designed specifically for deployment in dust-prone environments, such as for applications in the packaging industry and in assembly systems.

The compact 214 x 226 x 109 mm NanoServer® industrial computers with two slots are available from DSM in various performance classes. Depending on the requirement, the box IPCs are equipped with an Intel® Core™, an Intel® Atom™ or an Intel® Celeron™ processor. The selection and the number of interfaces depend on the selected model and cover USB 2.0, serial ports, 1000 Base-T LAN, Serial ATA, VGA, DVI, etc. The PCI Express™ x1 or PCI slots can be used to extend the embedded systems, e.g. for sophisticated plant controls, with I/O interfaces such as Profibus or CAN bus.

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