Atmel Launches Next-Generation Low-power 8-bit AVR MCUs

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At Electronica 2014, Atmel® Corporation launched its next-generation of 8-bit megaAVR® MCUs. Ranging from 4KB to 16KB Flash memory, the new devices provide

next-generation enhancements including additional analog functionality and features for the latest low-power consumer, industrial, white goods and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Since its initial launch in 2002, Atmel’s megaAVRs, the company’s most popular 8-bit AVR MCUs on the market today, can be found in hundreds of millions of applications. Made for engineers of all levels from the professional and established designers to the hobbyist, Do-it-Yourselfer (DIY) and Maker communities, the 8-bit megaAVR MCUs are ideal for applications in a variety of markets including automotive, industrial, consumer and white goods. Atmel’s next-generation megaAVRs deliver all the benefits of previous generations including a simple, easy-to-use interface for a seamless upgrade and binary compatibility with existing 8-bit megaAVR MCUs. “With over 20 years of MCU experience, we are proud to launch our third generation of 8-bit megaAVR MCUs to the market today – a family that has been highly recognized by a variety of communities from the professional designers using our Atmel Studio ecosystem to the hobbyist and Maker in the AVR Freaks™ and Arduino communities,” said Oyvind Strom, sr. director of marketing of the microcontroller business unit, Atmel Corporation. “As the leader in the 8-bit MCU market, Atmel continues to add easy-to-use, innovative products to our broad portfolio of MCUs.”

Key Features for Atmel’s 8-bit megaAVR MCUs
• Simple, easy-to-use • Low power • Wide selection of development tools including free Atmel Studio IDE
• Extensive set of peripherals, including ADC, Analog Comparator, SPI, I2C and USART • Single-cycle instructions running 1MIPS per MHz • Designed for high-level languages with minimal code space • Real-time performance with single cycle I/O access

New Features
• Unique ID for every device enabling a more secure device for IoT applications and wireless networks • Improved accuracy of internal oscillators for UART serial communications
• Improved accuracy of internal voltage reference for better analog-to-digital conversion results

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