Anritsu Company Expands Inline Sensor Family

Introducing Low Frequency Inline Peak Power Sensor MA24103A

by gabi

Anritsu Company is proud to announce the launch of our new inline power sensor MA24103A that is designed to measure accurate Peak and True-RMS average power measurements from 25 MHz to 1 GHz and 2 mW to 150 W power range.

Several applications demand accurate peak and average power measurements well below the frequency range of 1 GHz. Agencies in Public Safety, Avionics (air traffic control and repair stations), and Railroads, etc. must maintain critical communications between the control centers and the vehicles. The slightest error in making measurements or maintaining a communication network in these markets could risk public safety or even have fatal consequences.

The advantage with lower frequencies is that they can propagate a longer distance and maintain communication with fast-moving vehicles. Normally, at lower frequencies the power of the transmitting signal is in the range of watts, which makes the MA24103A more suited for these types of applications.

This highly accurate, Inline Peak Power Sensor communicates with a PC via USB or with an Anritsu handheld instrument equipped with the high accuracy power meter option 19.

Some of the main markets that benefit from this low frequency Inline Power Sensor include:

  • Broadcast Network and Manufacturer: Lab performance accuracy and low insertion loss over a wide temperature range (0 ºC to 55 ºC), making it perfect for field applications.
  • Railroads: to evaluate various systems like Positive Train Control Systems, End of Train (EOT) signals, automated train control systems, and FM voice base stations.
  • Avionics: such as Civil and Military Airports for beacon testing, surveillance radar testing, localizer, and marker testing.


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