Anglia adds new Environmental resource hub to speed compliance and introduces Beehives to its distribution centre site

Environmental Policies; Conflict Materials; REACH; Modern Slavery; EU Sanctions vs Russia

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Anglia Components today announced a new environmental resource hub on its UK and European eCommerce platform,, which aims to provide environmental information on each of its supply partners in one place. This will reduce the time buyers and compliance engineers are required to spend on compliance documentation when analysing supply chains to determine their own corporate environmental impact and ethical status. For each of Anglia’s authorised supply partners the hub provides links to various environmental and ethical statements, such as the manufacturer’s environmental policy, its position on conflict materials, REACH, Modern Slavery and EU sanctions against Russia.

John Bowman, Marketing Director at Anglia, commented: “The manufacturers listed have confirmed they are committed to compliance with environmental regulations with the ultimate aim of protecting the environment and making prudent use of natural resources. By presenting their statements or certifications in one place, our customers can easily see the commitment their supply chain partners are making, speeding their own regulatory processes.”

Anglia is highly committed to improving the environment and reducing its carbon footprint. A raft of measures have been introduced over the past 18 months, including:

New packaging which reduces waste and is both reusable and recyclable
Reduced air miles for components
Smart building practices
Environmentally friendly company transport policies

And most recently to align with its other sustainable practices and to support elements of their ISO14001 accreditation, Anglia also integrated 5 beehives into its 2 acre landscaped distribution centre site. The introduction of bees helps in maintaining a healthy balance within the local ecosystem by pollinating plants, ensuring their reproduction, and aiding in the overall sustainability of the surrounding environment.

Visit to view the new environmental resource hub and find out more about how Anglia are demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

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