Added value thanks to upgrades: Intelligent Linux and customized LCDs

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Display specialist demmel products presented its regrown and particularly powerful iLCD line at embedded world in Nuremberg from March 14-16, 2023. While the high-performance F-series gets a showpiece with the 10.2″ model, the company presents a completely new development under the iLCD Linux series. With the introduction of its customizable high-end LCD series that exceeds existing industry standards, demmel products is making a mark in this category.

The starting signal for the next generation of intelligent display technology from demmel products: A super-fast 1.8 GHz quad-core processor (i.MX8M Plus from NXP) with integrated video and graphics processor for 3D rendering, a high-res optically bonded display, modifiable Yocto Linux OS, these are the main ingredients of the iLCD Linux series. Thanks to the full-featured, freely modifiable operating system, intuitive and high-performance user interfaces – similar to smartphones – can be developed. It is available in super slim form as a “bonded solution”, which is especially helpful in tight spaces, or as a motherboard that can be easily connected to demmel products’ LCDs.

External communication can be done via USB, Ethernet, CAN, I2C, SPI and I/Os. In addition, an external HDMI display can be connected.

Intelligent or pure – quality counts

Meanwhile, displays can be found in almost all designs. Customers want reliable partners, simple supply chains and cost efficiency in addition to an optimal display solution. With the completion of the F-Series and the launch of the LCD Pure Series, the Vienna-based company offers a wide range of all-in-one solutions.

Copyright: demmel products gmbh

The intelligent F-Series, equipped with a 528-MHz processor, enables “display computing” with the object-oriented high-level language Java – completely without an operating system – thanks to the technology developed by demmel products. This means that this line can control all functions of a device without the use of an external controller. This saves development time and ensures a fast time-to-market.

For an optimal display, the F-Series and the iLCD Linux Series use the new “LCD Pure”. These are characterized by high-resolution, super-bright IPS displays that impress with their large reading angle, which means that colors hardly change at oblique viewing angles. To maintain maximum brilliance and optimize usability, the capacitive touch panel is optically bonded as standard. In addition, this greatly improves readability in direct sunlight.

A special feature is the customizability of the displays. Changes can be made to the cover glass for optimum protection, adhesive solutions can be applied for easy attachment, or colors and logos can be backprinted for greater recognition value.

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