ACEINNA INC Selected by Komatsu Ltd as Supplier of Inertial Measurement Units for their Smart Construction Retrofit Kit

by donpedro

ACEINNA INC today announced its MTLT305D Dynamic Inclination and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) has been selected as the IMU solution for Komatsu Smart Construction Retrofit kit available in Japan through LANDLOG Ltd.

ACEINNA INC’s MTLT305D IMU accurately measures 3 dimensions of linear acceleration and 3 dimensions of rotational rate and fuses the data using an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) to accurately calculate pitch and roll under static and dynamic conditions. To ensure accuracy, each MTLT305D is calibrated on precision rate tables and in temperature chambers. It is fully qualified for use on 12V and 24V vehicle systems.

The Smart Construction Retrofit kit uses four ACEINNA devices to monitor the excavator boom, stick, bucket and chassis position and motion. Data provided by the ACEINNA IMUs are essential inputs into the 3D machine guidance system.

Conventional construction equipment, without Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capabilities, accounts for over 98% of all construction equipment working in Japan. Komatsu’s Smart Construction Retrofit kit will enable conventional construction equipment to use ICT functions such as 3D machine guidance and payload measurement, comparable[1] with ICT-intensive equipment.

“The ACEINNA MTLT305D provides the perfect balance of price and performance in a rugged package suitable for use in harsh, real-world construction applications,” says Kousaku Igawa, President of LANDLOG. “The ACEINNA solution is helping us meet our goal of digital transformation of construction worksite operations.”

ACEINNA is honored to be selected by Komatsu as the supplier of IMUs to their Smart Construction Retrofit kit,” says John Newton, Business Unit VP of ACEINNA. “We are pleased to help bring ICT capabilities to existing equipment in the marketplace. The ICT capabilities will greatly improve productivity on worksites around the world and we are excited be part of this digital transformation in construction operations.”

[1] Functions needed for ICT construction equipment for use in “i-Construction” promoted by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.


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