ZESTRON’s VIGON® PE cleaning agents – used by leading manufactures in the power electronics market

by donpedro

The cleaning agents of the VIGON PE Series for Power Electronics have been successfully established in the market and are qualified by leading power module manufacturers.

Each cleaning agent provides excellent cleaning performance and reliably removes flux residues from power modules/DCBs after die attach or heat sink soldering. The cleaning agents ensure optimal copper deoxidation, provide homogenously activated substrates and protect them against reoxidation, leading to best conditions for subsequent processes such as wire bonding or molding. Especially during qualification by shear tests boards cleaned with VIGON PE products achieved constantly good results.

The alkaline VIGON PE 190A as well as the two pH-neutral products VIGON PE 180 and VIGON PE 200 are suitable for all materials, such as sensitive metals  (Cu, Ni, Al, Au, Ag) and chip surfaces, respectively passivations. The cleaning agents are recommended for spray-in-air processes and can be used in batch as well as inline machines. Ultrasonic dip tank processes are also possible.

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