XP Power launches low profile 225 Watt power supply in compact 3” × 5” U-channel format

by donpedro

XP Power has announced the UCP225 series of high power density, very low profile 225W AC/DC power supplies with both industrial and medical safety approvals in a small U-channel footprint.
The UCP225 series provides a high power density, low profile, compact, rugged U-channel power solution with very high efficiency and very low no load input power consumption to enable compliance with the latest ‘green’ standards.
Seven single output voltage models are available ranging from 12 to 48 DC, providing a wide variety of output voltage options to meet specific applications. For versatility, the main output is user adjustable ±5%.
The supplies provide up to 225W of force-cooled or 150W of convection-cooled power leading to very high power densities of 12.2W/in3 or 8.1W/in3 respectively. Operating temperature when convection cooled is from -40°C to +70°C with full power available to +50 °C making the product suitable for a wide range of applications. An additional 12VDC, 500 mA fan supply is standard with all models to support force cooled applications and the UCP225 is available with an optional 5V/2A standby output and remote on/off control. The power supply contains two fuses for both line and neutral and has low leakage current as required by medical applications.
The UCP225 series of power supplies feature a very high average efficiency of 92% with a very flat efficiency curve and up to 95% efficiency for high line inputs. This means less waste heat, allowing for their smaller size and, importantly, their flat efficiency curve over the entire load range uses less energy at all load levels. Further aiding power consumption and environmental issues, when fitted with the relevant option the supplies feature a no load power draw of less than 0.5W when the main output is inhibited, so very little power is consumed either when the supply is idling or the output is disabled.
With a footprint of just 79.2 × 127.0 × 29.2mm the power supplies’ very low profile, compact, U-channel design saves space in end user systems. A vented top cover and a cover incorporating a top fan are available as standard, giving designers the option to provide their own cooling or to purchase the power supplies with an integrated fan.

XP Power | www.xppower.com

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