Vicor launches new automotive ebook on electrification

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Vicor, a leader in high‑performance power modules, has launched its brand-new ebook for automotive customers. The new ebook – ‘A better way to accelerate vehicle electrification’ – provides in-depth technical insights into the battery technologies used within the automotive industry through case studies and articles.

The automotive industry is racing to electrify their fleets, driven by consumer demand, regulatory pressure, and technological advances. Electrification increases electrical power requirements in vehicles from less than 3kW in a conventional combustion engine to over 50kW in a battery powered EV. The nearly 20x increase puts a significant strain on the electrical power delivery network, adding cost, complexity, size, and weight to EVs.

To support OEMs, Vicor’s latest ebook seeks to address the challenges electrification can pose particularly for designers faced with diverse power delivery networks. It examines alternatives to the 12V battery, the 400v-800v fast-charging incompatibility dilemma and how to optimize an automobile power delivery network.  Engineers will learn the benefits of adopting a modular approach using compact and efficient lightweight power modules with high power density.

‘A better way to accelerate vehicle electrification’ covers hot topics in automotive, including:

  • Size and weight challenges of automotive electrification-
  • Optimisation of the complete EV power delivery network
  • Range anxiety as it relates to 400v-800v DC-DC fast-charging infrastructures
  • The future of the 12V lead acid battery

Nicolas Richard, Director Automotive Business, Vicor, said, “We’re delighted to have this new tool available for our customers in the automotive industry. Our customers are always at the forefront of our online literature development, and so, it is great for us to develop this new ebook which enables customers to source technical advice alongside industry insights that can then be applied to their innovative projects, in one easy-to-access place.”

Vicor’s ebook is free to download and available here. To learn more about Vicor in automotive, please visit

Vicor Corporation

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