V-belt position control – Application News

by donpedro

The lateral displacement of a V-belt in a V-belt pulley must be controlled, because it happens, that the V-Belt lies not properly in the V-belt pulley. For the position control the white mark on the V-belt can be used, thus a line scan reflective sensor type L-LAS-RL-20-B can be used.

The distance of the sensor to the object is approximately 55mm and the measurement range at this distance about 20mm. To avoid any direct reflection from the V-belt pulley, the optical axis of the line scan sensor is directed eccentrically to the axis of the V-belt pulley. The sensor delivers two analog signals (0V … +10V and 4mA … 20mA) as well as three digital outputs (- , ok , +). As shown in the screen shots, the sensor delivers proper results.

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