Ultra slim DIN rail power supplies target industrial applications

by donpedro

XPE221_NewsXP Power announced the DPC series of highly efficient ultra slim DIN rail AC-DC power supplies. Available in 30, 50 and 70Watt single output models, they all accept the universal input range from 90 to 264VAC without the need for any input selector switches. Taking up significantly less space on the rail by being up to 44% slimmer than current generation DIN rail power supplies, the 30Watt DPC30 measures just 90.0 × 100.0 × 22.5 mm (3.6 × 3.94 × 0.89 inches). Also, the 50 Watt DPC50 measures 90.0 × 100.0 × 30.0 mm (3.6 × 3.94 × 1.18 inches) and the 70Watt DPC70 measures only 90.0 × 100.0 × 40.5 mm (3.6 × 3.95 × 1.59 inches). Offering all the popular nominal output voltages from + 5 to + 48 VDC, the single output can be adjusted up to + 30% of stated nominal, model dependant, in order to accommodate non-standard voltage requirements or to make up for line losses. All models feature a green LED to indicate output on.
These energy efficient supplies have typical efficiency ratings of 86 % (DPC30), 87 % (DPC50) and 89 % (DPC70). Both the DPC30 and DPC50 achieve a very low no load inout power of <0.3 Watts, with the DPC70 meeting < 0.5 Watts. The full output power is delivered across the input voltage range 100 – 264 VAC and at – 25 to + 50°C without the need to derate the units. The operating temperature range of the series extends up to + 70°C.
The DPC series meets EN/IEC 60950-1 safety approvals as well as EMC specifications EN55032 for class B conducted and radiated emissions. The supplies also comply with the industrial control equipment standard UL508.
Typical applications for the DPC series include factory automation, process control and various other industrial applications.

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